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I’m almost certain the idea for this blog was born the first time I saw Minnesota congresswoman Michelle Bachmann on TV, waxing incoherent on her plan to investigate the “Americanism” of her colleagues in the House.

I sat mesmerized by her words and her now famous “perma-smile” —  part Stepford wife, part Cruella deVil — and marveled at the fact that people intelligent enough to find the right polling place actually voted for her when they got there.  This “investigation,” of course, was her fiendishly clever way of keeping in the public consciousness the idea that our new president, Barack Obama, and his supporters in Congress were somehow not really American.  She figured, if the president of the United States was able to get away with this Manchurian Candidate stuff, then almost certainly there were members of the House trying to “pass,” as well.  And doggone it, as a real American, she would expose them–or, at the very least, milk Fox News for a half-dozen news cycles.  I can’t remember how she proposed to get to the truth about her colleagues — waterboard ’em, maybe.  Or maybe just be on the lookout for suspicious behavior, like the correct pronunciation of the word “nuclear.”

The reason I can’t be absolutely sure Michelle Bachmann was this blog’s muse, is the voluminous amount of competition she had from other Republican idiocies during the first few months of the Obama presidency.  They  reminded me of the townsfolk in “Blazing Saddles” when the new sheriff came riding into town.  Come to think of it, they still do.

Regardless of its genesis, “Craving Sense” invites you to check these pages now and then for the latest, jaw-dropping proclamations, pontifications and “good ideas” of the Enthusiastically Stupid and the Proudly Dumb.