As has been proven time and again, legislating morality by prohibiting mind-altering substances is fraught with unintended consequence. Banning booze created Al Capone. Banning drugs has put countless non-violent Americans behind bars, and created a network of psychopathic drug cartels so violent and wealthy that the stability of our next door neighbor, Mexico, is on the ropes.

And now, the latest bit of governmental nannying—L.A.’s draconian crackdown on medical marijuana collectives and dispensaries—has added to the list of prohibition blowback by creating a new medical marijuana business model that has the D.A. and the L.A. City Council in a lather.

We Deliver

“We Deliver” (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

“We deliver” is the new call of shuttered pot merchants who, rather than going quietly into the night, have gone the Domino’s Pizza route instead. According to the Wall Street Journal, while some closed pot shops wait quietly for the courts to lift the rules that shut down over 400 of the city’s pot collectives, others, like the 99 High Art Collective in Venice Beach, have simply gone mobile.

Customer/patients of these dispensaries no longer have to leave the house. They just call in their orders for “Dragon’s Breath” or “Mr. Nice,” and wait for the reefer man.

Not surprisingly, L.A. County District Attorney Steve Cooley and the City Council are not amused. The Council is considering yet another anti-pot measure that would explicitly ban delivery services. Cooley’s reaction to the new “pot-on-wheels” services: “They’re just dope dealers.”

Enough is Enough

Yes, Mr. Cooley, and Domino’s Pizza deliverers are just pizza dealers. Neither products are particularly good for us, but they happen to be in demand by millions of Californians—often at the same time.

As it happens, I am not one of those millions of Americans. I never developed a taste for pot because it gives me a headache and makes my mouth taste like adobe. But I know many people who enjoy the stuff—responsible, hard-working, tax-paying voters—who, instead of relaxing with a glass of wine or a martini after work, prefer to inhale  cannabis. After years of being treated like thieves in the night, they have finally had enough—and they will vote accordingly.

We can either continue limping down this mindless, destructive path of marijuana prohibition with new ordinances and restrictions, or we can decide to start treating ourselves like adults, and demand the dignity of making up our own minds about what goes into our bodies… and what gets delivered to our doors.


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